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Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Wing night was a hit at my house! Yes, the skin was very crispy. Yes, the meat was tender. No, I didn't use flour. To do this, I moist cook it through (tenderizes everything, keeps it moist), and then dry cook to get the perfect crispness on the outside. 
This was a longer process, but totally worth the wait. I based my process/recipe off of Alton Brown's ( https://altonbrown.com/buffalo-wings/ ), please check it out to get more of the food science behind the process. Having his process and reasoning in mind, really helped me develop my process. (I love sharing food knowledge and learning more!)
Next, by setting out the wings on single layer on wire rack (skin side up preferably, and put sheet pan under) and season the wings. Salt and pepper is fine, or experiment with other seasonings such as creole mix or lemon pepper mix. Put the wings in refrigerator until cold (uncovered), this helps the skin to dry out which means a crispier skin.
After all that you get to fry, in single layered batches, allowing room for air to move around food. In my case I air fried at 400F, and toss to coat in standard buffalo sauce or eat as is. 

homemade air fryer and pressure cooker chicken wings with sauc

Now, lets talk about time in the air fryer (one section of the wing took longer to cook than the other). Mainly, you want golden and crispy looking, and toss/check it every 3 to 5 minutes. Total air fry time ranged 12 to 16 minutes, depending on section of wing. The drummettes took less time than the flat/wingette. Your goal is to have that skin be browned and crispy, all the way around, that is more important than a specific time. I used my 5.8 quart Go Wise USA Air Fryer. 

The result is:

*Crispy skin
*very tender, moist meat that falls off the bone
*very little fat burning in my air fryer
*happy wing eaters! 

 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Chicken wings, sectioned out into wingettes/flat and drummettes
Salt and pepper (or your favorite seasoning mix, such as lemon-pepper or a Creole Seasoning like Emeril's Essence)
Your favorite sauce to coat (optional, see our favorite combination below)

Special Equipment:
Cooking rack
Sheet pan (to fit cooking rack)
Electric pressure cooker (6 qt Instant Pot used creating this recipe)
Air fryer (5.3 quart Go Wise USA used in creating this recipe)

Using an electric pressure cooker, place rack/trivet in cooker. Add 1 cup of water. Place wing portions (separated drummette and wingette/flat portions), layering to allow steam to get to all the wings. Pressure cook on high pressure, for 3 minutes (add one minute for frozen wings), with natural pressure release. 
Carefully, remove the cooked wing meat with tongs lay on a cooling rack (preferably skin side up), allowing air to move between each piece. Season the wings, with a even coating. You can use just salt and pepper, especially if you are using a sauce. You can also use your favorite seasoning mix for this, such as creole or lemon pepper. Put wings in refrigerator, uncovered, for at least one hour or until cold. 
In single layers, that allow for air flow between them, place wing pieces in air fryer basket (cook wingettes and drummettes portions seperately, as they need different cooking times). No additional oil is needed. Cook wings at 400F for 12-16 minutes, depending on part of wing, or until brown and crispy. 

Our favorite wing sauce combination currently is Frank's Wing Sauce combined with Sweet Baby Rays Sauce (about half and half), but toss in your favorite sauce until coated.


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